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Presumptive Testing Kits from only $99 (MMC 6 x test  pack)


                                       Test before you Buy or Rent your next home.

   The effects of Meth / Ice toxic contamination in homes can render the property uninhabitable. 

Our world renowned  MMC DIY Test Kits are; affordable, very sensitive, user friendly, no hazardous chemicals, quick results (Visual in 1-2 minutes), highly cost effective in comparison to laboratory screening, able to detect the presence of the drug meth/ice in a sample at levels of .5µg/100cm2  as per the Australian Government guidelines.

                                 DIY Kits Shipped anywhere in Australia / NZ via Australia Post.
Professional Onsite Property Contamination Inspections

The simple, cost-effective way to ensure the house/property you  are about to Buy or Rent is free from toxic Methamphetamine/Ice contamination.

                 We only use world renowned MMC International presumptive Meth / Ice specific testing products to provide certainty (WA only)

                            What we offer
  • DIY presumptive testing kits for purchase with quick and easy results.

  • Onsite inspections by a certified narcotics testing officer.

  • A Certificate of Analysis is provided after each onsite inspection. 

  • Advice and assistance if your home is found to be ice contaminated. 


                      Parents peace of mind


Have suspicion your child may be on drugs? Try our Presumptive DIY Test Kit and put your mind at ease. It is quick, non intrusive testing for a Meth/Ice and can be carried out with total discretion. Check their bedrooms, cars, school/hand bags and some clothing for only $99 + p&h.


                           What are the risks?


Manufacturing or Recreational Smoking of ICE, can cause major contamination of property requiring expensive remediation or possible demolition. Prolonged exposure to drug residue "ice" is proven to have a negative impact on human health.

In addition there are serious financial risks if residential homes are found to contain Ice residue.


How we can help


Our Meth Busters can drug test your property for dangerous contamination or we can show you how to do it yourself. Protect yourself and make sure the contract for the property you are about to purchase or rent is conditional and 'subject to passing a Methamphetamine contamination test'.


                         IMPORTANT INFORMATION

Tests that are not positive are always considered inconclusive. The same is true for professional testing. This means that the testing found no meth, but that is no guarantee that there is no meth present. If meth contamination is suspected, an industrial hygienist should be contracted to do further testing, regardless of the results of home tests.

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